Wordcamp LA 2011

I would like to thank everyone who attended my presentation, and apologize for not having all my sources well-organized so I could provide them for you then-and-there. I’ve put together a list at the bottom of this page to make up for my lack of forethought.

Anyway, you can see my presentation at the Wordcamp LA site, and you can see my slides right here. I put in the necessary Javascript to support mouse clicks, so they’ll work on desktops now (but only in up-to-date Chrome and Safari). They’ll probably look kind of small, since they were designed to fit on the iPad2’s screen, and there are a lot of bugs due to my hasty coding.

If you’re interested in 3D CSS, you can check out an in-depth tutorial on 24 Ways (or this version hosted on Github). I was also inpired by this awesome presentation by Paul Irish.

The best places to go for information on mobile web design would be the following sites (I’ll keep adding stuff, as I come across anything else useful):

There are also a few blog posts and things that I found helpful:

And if you want examples on what good mobile code looks like, you can check out this stuff:

I noticed a lot of interest in using Javascript mobile frameworks (jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, etc.) If you want to get into that kind of stuff, there’s a great tutorial on Mobile Tuts Plus about using JQTouch with WordPress. Zepto.js is also interesting, though it’s really just a javascript library, not a framework.

One thought on “Wordcamp LA 2011

  1. Thanks for posting this John. The app is built using Sencha touch,yes, but it’s also fed and divren by wordpress plugins. There’s a reason we all love wordpress. Once you’ve loaded the app and saved it to your homescreen it remains accessible offline, achieved through html5 local storage and the cache manifest mechanism. Wish I could be in Boston this weekend. Have a great wordcamp!CheersTrevor

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